How Great Hair Leads to Great Health


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In my last post I talked about how important personal health was, and in this one I’d like to continue with that theme.


People take their health for granted all the time even though they know better health means looking better and feeling better. Good health enhances every aspect of our lives! Specifically, I know many people that leave their maintenance appointments (i.e. hair, massage, personal training, etc.) for far too long and sometimes ignore them altogether.


In this post I’d like to zero in on hair maintenance: how important it is to get it done frequently (and why), and where I like to go to get my own done.


Many people don’t know how often they should get their hair cut; some of my friends go months without seeing their Whitby hairdresser. You would think that going to a hair salon in Whitby is such a horrible thing by how little they go! How often should you get your hair done?


The answer somewhat depends on the length of hairor if you want Hair extensions . If you have long hair (and you want to keep it long), it’s crucial to get regular haircuts to keep that long hair looking healthy. As with anything that ages, the older the hair gets, the more fragile it becomes. Long hair is thus more susceptible to splits ends, breakage, and sometimes even appearing thinner. If you have your hair coloured or highlights done, then it’s even more likely that there’s some damage. Regular hair cuts will keep your hair strong and healthy, so for long hair it’s recommended that it be done at least every 8 weeks, but for certain hair even every 6 weeks is a good idea.

The same principles basically apply to medium length hair extensions ; if you want to keep it healthy and at the same length then every 6-8 weeks would be a good hair maintenance schedule. For short hair you’ll need a trim more frequently, probably in the 4-6 week range. Again, if you regularly get your hair coloured or highlights put in then you need to make appointments with your hairdresser more regularly! Those chemicals are not good for hair health, so check in at the hair salon more frequently to keep that head of hair in tip top shape!

The most important reason (for me) to see my hairstylist regularly is because I want my hair to be as healthy as the rest of my body. I go to the gym multiple times per week, so why wouldn’t I go to my hairdresser regularly too! The second most important reason is because with a fresh cut, colour, and style I know I look my best.

Do you want to feel and look your best? Go see your hairdresser, and don’t leave it so long next time!

Oh and incase you were wondering where I go to get my hair done, check out The Hair Hive. It’s located in Whitby and I couldn’t rave more about the hairdresser there!

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