Painting your Home – Check these tips !

How to Paint Your Home



Painting your home on your own is such a fun thing to do most especially when you have the paint of your favorite color. This may also be a great bonding for your family and the best way to exercise your arms, see? This is such a productive thing to do, aside from improving your home’s appearance, this may also be the perfect way of spending time with your family. The question is, are you sure that you know what you are doing? They say experience is the best teacher and that is true, yet things may always be learn on the spot, so here are the basic steps on how you will paint your home perfectly without the need of hiring a professional like :

  1. All you need is your imagination, this time you need to have a vision of what your desired look for your home. It would be best if you list the things that you need and the colors that you like for you to have them purchased completely at a onetime shop.
  2. Estimate the amount of a certain color of paint you need for the area; it would be best for you to measure them down and ask assistance to some of the professionals or with the paint store clerk. Just be sure that your budget will be enough.
  3. Consider the right time to paint your house, make sure that there are no babies around for the fumes of the paint may irritate them. Also, have your pets in proper storage most especially dogs who really want to scratch the walls. Be updated with the weather, it would be best for you to have the painting done during the hot summer seasons and not otherwise. Move and cover the furniture if needed.
  4. Wash everything that are need to be painted, have them even in texture as well as conceal all the holes and clean all the dirt off with water. After making sure that all the areas are completely dried, you may now open all the windows because the ventilation would help a lot for the drying of the paint as well as for you to prevent suffocation.
  5. Time for you to apply the primer. This will make you have the best outcome after you have applied the actual paint; it’s best to have white for that is the most basic color of all.
  6. Now, is the perfect time for you to apply the actual painting, all you have to do is to evenly stroke the roller or the brush and have the strokes in one direction. Apply each coat after every coat is dried so that the previous coats will avoid it from sticking unto the newly applied coats. Let dry and clean things up after everything’s done. Allow the paint to dry for about 24 hours, allowing the fumes to reduce and you may have everything back into place and celebrate.

Painting your home will give a fresh look of your Painting your house exterior, but also you must consider what colors you are going to paint so it won’t ruin the whole look of the house. Ask advise from house painters to get the right color for your house.