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In this article, we’ll talk about several points:

– If you are suffering from a dry scalp, you should use a conditioner that is formulated to help prevent hair loss
– You can use shampoos that have a chemical that is irritating to your scalp
– The next thing you need to do is to take a little bit of water and add some lemon juice to your hair –


The herbs used in aromatherapy are effective in improving the overall health of the male hair. It is known to be beneficial in preventing the onset of male pattern hair problems. Rosemary is a good conditioner and helps in the production of healthy blood. It is known to help in the prevention of hair fall and scalp loss.

Key Point: Rosemary is a good conditioner and is effective in treating hair loss.

The most common side effect of this medication is the hair growth pattern. The drug is known to be effective in treating male pattern balding. Minoxidil is a drug that is approved by FDA for the treatment of baldness in men.

A great way to get rid of hair is to eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. The most effective hair removal tip is to use a honey that has a natural PH concentration. Honey is a natural hair care product that is cheap and can be purchased anywhere. Thinking about have Calgary  Hair extensions done?

A great way to get rid of baldness is to eat a diet high in vegetables and fruits. It is a natural hair loss treatment that can help to improve the overall health of your scalp. Plus, a great way to get your hair to grow healthy is to take a good multivitamin. It is important to take your daily intake of vitamins and minerals in order to maintain good health. Moreover, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet and take supplements to help your hair grow. The important aspect of the hair growth regimen is to ensure that you are getting the proper nutrients from your food.

A good way to get your body to get the proper nutrition is to get it right. The key to getting your hair back is to eat a lot of protein. It is an important protein that is needed to keep your body functioning properly. The common reason for the growth of hairs is the presence of proteins in the scalp. This is why it is important to get the proper amount of amino acids in your diet. The growth of hairs in your scalp is a matter of how much you have been consumed by your body.

Key Point: If you are suffering from a dry scalp, you should use a shampoo that has a high concentration of zinc.

The first step to getting rid of your hair is to make sure that you have a good grooming routine. This will ensure that you are able to get the right amount of nutrients and proteins to your hair.

Key Point: You can use shampoos that contain a lot of vitamins and minerals.

The next time you are in the sun, you need to make sure that your skin is protected from UV rays. A great way to get your skin to stay hydrated is to use a good sunscreen. If you are looking for a good sunscreen, then you should use the right SPF rating. The sun is an important factor in the development of skin cancer. It is a good idea to apply a sunscreen on your face before you go to bed. A great way to get a good night’s sun protection is by drinking plenty of water.

Key Point: You can use beer to get your nails to the top of your hair.

We have talked about several areas in this article. Firstly, rosemary is a natural herb that is used for many centuries to treat various hair ailments. Next, if you are suffering from a hair loss problem, you should try to avoid the use of products that are rich in chemicals. We also mentioned how the next thing you should do is to make a little bit of salt and add some lemon juice to your hair.

Meraki Hair – Fall in love with your hair all over again

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Hey guys!

I know it’s been a while, and I’m sure you’re wondering where I’ve been!

Well, I’ve been busy working behind the scenes helping some friends start their new online business. Pretty exciting stuff for sure!

Basically, some of my friends in Whitby decided a little while ago that they wanted to start an ecommerce business. For those of you who may not know, an ecommerce business is one that sells products online.

Having been inspired by the achievements of Alex Ikonn (who I previously wrote a post about on my blog) and his wife Mimi, who started an online business selling hair extensions, my friends decided that there was nothing stopping them from doing the exact same thing.

So, after a bit of planning, they decided to launch Meraki Hair – a business that focuses on selling 100% human hair clip-in extensions.

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Meraki Hair was started not just to sell products and make a lot of money for its owners. It was started as a way to add value first. Value in the form of hair tutorials and guides that women can use to learn how to create beautiful hairstyles that make them feel sexy and confident.

As of right now, the main ecommerce site for Meraki Hair is still under construction. However, you can visit their blog at to see the amazing content they’ve started to create just in the past few weeks for their subscribers.

I hope you guys check them out and, when the time comes, buy their hair extensions. I’ve personally tried their sample and I can say that they were definitely amazing quality, and by far the easiest way to get longer, thicker hair.

Also, be sure to stay tuned for (hopefully) more frequent updates for me.

Until then, ciao friends!

Watch the below video to see Meraki Hair’s latest tutorial video

How Great Hair Leads to Great Health


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In my last post I talked about how important personal health was, and in this one I’d like to continue with that theme.


People take their health for granted all the time even though they know better health means looking better and feeling better. Good health enhances every aspect of our lives! Specifically, I know many people that leave their maintenance appointments (i.e. hair, massage, personal training, etc.) for far too long and sometimes ignore them altogether.


In this post I’d like to zero in on hair maintenance: how important it is to get it done frequently (and why), and where I like to go to get my own done.


Many people don’t know how often they should get their hair cut; some of my friends go months without seeing their Whitby hairdresser. You would think that going to a hair salon in Whitby is such a horrible thing by how little they go! How often should you get your hair done?


The answer somewhat depends on the length of hairor if you want Hair extensions . If you have long hair (and you want to keep it long), it’s crucial to get regular haircuts to keep that long hair looking healthy. As with anything that ages, the older the hair gets, the more fragile it becomes. Long hair is thus more susceptible to splits ends, breakage, and sometimes even appearing thinner. If you have your hair coloured or highlights done, then it’s even more likely that there’s some damage. Regular hair cuts will keep your hair strong and healthy, so for long hair it’s recommended that it be done at least every 8 weeks, but for certain hair even every 6 weeks is a good idea.

The same principles basically apply to medium length hair extensions ; if you want to keep it healthy and at the same length then every 6-8 weeks would be a good hair maintenance schedule. For short hair you’ll need a trim more frequently, probably in the 4-6 week range. Again, if you regularly get your hair coloured or highlights put in then you need to make appointments with your hairdresser more regularly! Those chemicals are not good for hair health, so check in at the hair salon more frequently to keep that head of hair in tip top shape!

The most important reason (for me) to see my hairstylist regularly is because I want my hair to be as healthy as the rest of my body. I go to the gym multiple times per week, so why wouldn’t I go to my hairdresser regularly too! The second most important reason is because with a fresh cut, colour, and style I know I look my best.

Do you want to feel and look your best? Go see your hairdresser, and don’t leave it so long next time!

Oh and incase you were wondering where I go to get my hair done, check out The Hair Hive. It’s located in Whitby and I couldn’t rave more about the hairdresser there!

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