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Yea, Surgeries Are Important

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In this article, we’ll talk about several points. The most effective treatment for this type of pain is the injection of the corticosteroid.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disc disease that is characterized by the deterioration of the cartilage in the spine. The most painful and crippling disease is the inflammation of the joint. Osteoarthritis is common form of arthritis:

– a condition characterized by the swelling of the bones and joints
– caused by the accumulation of uric acid in the joint
– responsible for the development of the joint lining

The most important thing to remember when you are experiencing degenerative disc disease is to avoid the pain. Furthermore, the most important part of the treatment is to avoid the damage that causes back pain. What is the cause of your back ache?

More About Pain

The most common symptom of back problems is the inability to concentrate and a lot of movement. It is often referred to as ” sciatic spinal stenosis “. Furthermore, it is a chronic disorder that is characterized by a severe pain that is often overlooked. What is the term ” pain “? The most common cause of the chronic pain is the sciatic nerve. It is a chronic pain that can be caused by the nerve root.One of the best ways to relive this pain is a Calgary Chiropractor 

The disc is filled with a spongy material that is placed on the bone and the annulus fibrosus. The intervertebral disc is made up of a thin layer of material that is placed on the spinal column. The spinal column is the center of the skull. The discs are soft and thin and smooth. The annulus acts as cushions and covers to bend and support the spinal column. The vertebral column is placed in the lumbar vertebrae.

More On Cartilage

The cartilage that surrounds the bones is the part that is affected by the pain. This is the most important factor in the formation of the cartilage. The most commonly used joint replacement surgery is the injection of the cartilage. The joint is made up of cartilage and bone. The bone is filled with synovial fluids and is then replaced with a sponge.

The most important factor in the process of the procedure is the ability to resume the normal functioning of the spinal column. The surgeon will then examine the spinal area and the vertebral nerve. The procedure is usually done in a local area where the surgeon is placed on the spine. The surgeon will then examine the area and the extent of the pain. The doctor will then examine the skin and the area will be removed. The surgeon will then insert a needle into the area where the skin is in place.

The main cause of this problem is the shortening of the nerve cells in the spinal cord. The nerve cells are responsible for the pain and inflammation. The pain is caused by the nerves that are located in the spinal column. The nerve cells are damaged by the spinal cord. The spinal column is the area where the bones are protected from the pain. The nerves are affected by the pain.

Facet discs are the cushions that are made between the vertebrae. The annulus fibrosus is a soft material that is attached to the outer nucleus of the joint. The cartilage is made of material that is placed on the bones. The bone is filled with cartilage and is flexible and pliable. This is the type of bone that is affected by the cartilage. The most common type of osteoarthritis is the cartilage that surrounds the joint.

Key Point: Chiropractors can perform this treatment by providing the patient with a proper assessment of the misalignments of the spinal column.

More On Patient

What is the diagnosis? The first step is to diagnose the root cause of the disease. The doctor will then ask for a blood test to determine if the disease is present. The test will then be conducted to determine if the disease is caused by the illness. The second stage is to be able to get the doctor’s diagnosis. The doctor will then test the blood and then the patient will be able to determine the cause of the disease.

The treatment for sciatica is based on the kind of surgery that is performed. The surgery is done to remove the excess tissue from the back of the leg. The surgeon will insert a thin needle into the area where the skin is covered with a soft tissue. The incision is made up of the small tissue that is inserted into the skin. The surgeon will then insert a small cannula into the area where the skin is covered.

The first step in the treatment of a mesothelioma cancer is to take a look at the symptoms of the disease. The treatment is based on the symptoms of the illness and the prognosis for the patient. The doctor will then decide to have the patient’s symptoms and determine the appropriate treatment for the cancer. The second step in the treatment of mesothelioma is to identify the cause of the cancer. The third step is to determine the type of cancer that you have. The most effective way to cure mesothelioma is to take the necessary steps to prevent it.


The pain is often caused by the pressure exerted by the muscles in the spinal cord. The nerves are the muscles that attach to the back of the spine. The muscles are made up of the nerves that are affected by the pain. The pain is caused by the muscles that lie in the back of the spine. The muscles are made up of the nerves, which are the bones of the body. The joints are the bones, which are the muscles of the back.

The sciatic pain is a chronic condition that is common in the United States:

– a pain that is experienced by the muscles in the spinal cord
– referred to as the sciatic nerve
– a pain that is caused by the nerves that are located in the spinal canal

Key Point: Ultrasound is used to relieve the pain of the spinal cord.

In summary, there were a variety of topics discussed in this article. At the beginning we talked about how the most important thing to remember when you are considering surgery is to get a good deal of the procedure.

Experience With Personalization of Ecommerce

E-Business Forum 2014 had an excellent overview of events in e-commerce. In terms of professional contribution, however, it was the most valuable presentations that featured experience traditional electronics retailer Datart with personalization in its e-shop. Personalization is viewed as a higher league of electronic sales and is something that e-shops too and can not even do that. Very honest presentation of Jiri Navratil and George Stephen revealed that its implementation is nothing simple.

Shop manager Datart, Jiri Navratil said his presentation by saying, “I’m out of that nasty company that does business differently.” Primarily, it meant that Datart was initially a traditional stone chain, which is under the pressure of circumstances very well adapted and online world. but it also referred to the fact that Datart as one of the few e-shops trying personalization. His gaze manager who counts profitability introduction of individual, added CEO Etnetera Activate, George Stephen, as an evangelist personalization of e-commerce and one of the founding fathers Soyka system, which it has to deliver.

What you can personalize?

What is this personalization? What most e-shops doing. Datart tried some elements of this approach before relatively long time, while introducing a dynamic homepage to which users saw it last visited products. This time, however, tried to go much deeper.

3 types of information about people:

– What people say
– How customer behaves
– Estimation based on information and behavior

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Datart therefore added as customer behavior – each be assigned to a virtual card on which is written must be how he moves on the web, what makes a mobile device, which opens or e-mails.

Much of the information is, however, estimated. In Datart thus supplement based on e-mail addresses if someone is male or female. Based on past purchases is calculated by using the profitability of a particular customer. It is estimated also that, if someone is more like a regular coffee drinker or audiophile.

This all falls out customer profile that is stored in the system Soyka. Jiri Navratil warned: “From the sea of ​​data can calculates almost everything, and paying for consultants will be very happy to speculate on countless scenarios. It is important therefore to be approached with caution Business and identify what you really need to know.”

The most typical form of automation are recommending different ways: e-commerce is changing menu; after some time will show what you have viewed; as part of the ordering process to you in a timely offers other products that you in relation might be interested. “Currently, we can see a different page than the default 75% of visitors. All these elements have a 4x to 5x greater conversion capability than conventional offer without any personalization. It turns especially during repeated visits when a customer so to kick in, “said George Stephen.


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Up-sell can work even for repeat visits. Therefore, the system Datart holds in memory when the user owns a particular product, and during his subsequent visits, it offers additional accessories. Remembering the past can facilitate even more buying. According to Stephen will spend a month that the system will remember the last method of transport and payment, thus reducing the likelihood that a utility cart becomes a grave conversion.

Personalization of mailing

Personalization is of course not only relate to what the person displayed on the site. Significant accomplishments may have in the case of marketing. The most powerful weapon of e-shops, e-mailing. Alas it is in the Czech Republic used this tool as a spam sending machine gun on the entire database mails with daily regularity. The JNE lecture at the EBF, moreover, recalled Thomas Čupr.

Jiri Stepan gave three examples of how to approach the mailing otherwise. And with a greater respect to the previous operation of customers.

Newsletter based on users’ movements around the Web

If you’ve surfed the Web in the department of television and nowhere else, and you’re done shopping, you are sent an email with a special offer of television technology. Offer is not exclusive, it is a reminder of products that you have viewed. “It ran about half a year, the newsletter had a great open-rate. It earned about one million crowns, but we stopped it, “said Stepan.” Why? Because we annoy people with it more than we wanted. Moreover, it was very difficult to find these mailings triggered automatically coordinate with classic newsletter planned campaigns. This could only happen in the worst case, the same day the customer came with the mail offering the same TV twice.

The forgotten basket

Datart sends, as well as plenty of competitive e-commerce, forgotten basket. It works very nicely and every one that saves two to three baskets. It is important to ask for feedback on why buying prve done. So you can learn that it was necessary for the prize or transport. Disadvantages may be similar as in the paragraph above. Additionally, it is the biggest warning: “Hey, I’m watching you,” which may not be every user’s taste. When philosophical question is whether it is a transactional mail, which you can send to someone who checked out from your mailing database, or marketing offer, for which you would not allow it?

Check out the entire 100k Factory Ultra Edition review:

Buying or Selling a Condo



If you are planning on selling your property, finding a good, reliable estate agent is essential. Making the right decision can make the difference between selling your home quickly and at a good price, or the property remaining unsold or selling for lower than you had hoped. There are some simple pointers to follow to make sure you get the best estate agent available in your area.
One of the major factors that will influence your choice of agent is the cost of selling your home for you. Each agent is different. Some will sell your home for a flat feewhile others will take a percentage of the sale. Similarly, some estate agents will have separate costs for different aspects of selling your home and others will offer promotions or discounts at certain times of the year if you choose to sell with them. Which option is the best value for you will often depend on the asking price of your home. Also, cost should not be the only factor taken into consideration when choosing your estate agent because cheapest does not always mean the best. Buying a Condo you will want to find someone who specializes in Condominiums Like and one that has a great shower head filter to remove hard water 
Marketing is an essential stage in the successful sale of your property. Without marketing, your home will remain unseen and unsold. Some of the typical marketing strategies that estate agents use are putting property details in their office windows, advertising in newspapers, listing properties on websites, open houses and giving property details to potential buyers. It is important that you find an agent that uses as many of these strategies as possible to sell your home quickly and at a good price.Need the furnace to be checked call one way to sell quicker is to renovate the bathroom or just make it look more modern with things like best handheld shower head


If you have friends or family in your area that have sold their homes in the last year, it is worth talking to them about their experiences. Find out whether they were pleased with the agents they used or whether they had problems during the sale of their house. Some may have used several different agents to sell their home and may be able to offer you a comparison of each.


Spend some time talking to estate agents from a few different companies to compare them and help you to make an informed decision. Find out about their costs and the marketing strategies they use. You should also question them about the property market and find out about some of their recent sales. Ask relevant questions about how long properties they sell are usually on the market for, what they did to help encourage potential buyers and how they handle properties that they are struggling to sell.Need SEO Info?



Finding the right estate agent is essential to a quick and profitable property sale. By using these pointers, you can choose the estate agent that is best-suited to your needs and budget, while also avoiding any potential pitfalls associated with choosing a bad agent.Other resources for real estate Like Moving:

Brighten up your new How with flowers:

Need Help Moving? :

Need a lawyer to complete the deal? 



Top 10 tattoo artist in World

Calgary Tattoo Shop custom Tattoos Calagry awesome Calgary tattoo

Men and women embellish their body  for private encourage or devoting to their religious or tradition events, will not be the passion of this generation, however, has been cultured on mummies preserved 3300 BC. The obsession of portraying from paper or wall to body has elevated this kind of approach that artists take their positions in the market to each fulfill their livelihood and wants of individuals. The competition of artists increases a lot that new designs and patterns are recognizing to paint their body. There are ten famous tattoo artists, famous not because of their work but, also, their best possible prices.

Mike Rubendall:

Mike Rubendall is a tattoo from Massapequa but currently in New York. His resident studio on the Bowery, Kings Avenue, is ranked high-5 in New York City. He takes 125$ per hour for making the tattoo. Mike Rubendall learned to tattoo from Frank Romano aged 17 and had tattooed a couple of personalities, including Evan Rachel timber and Dame Dash,

Bob Tyrrell:

Bob Tyrrell is an American tattoo artist currently centered in Warren, Michigan and started tattooing in his thirties. He has been emphasized in LA Ink and is pleasant identified for tattooing child Rock’s back and takes 150$ per hour.

Dave Tedder:

Dave began in that enterprise as a piercer in South Kakalac, to be able to smash into tattooing. He knew from the age of 10 years old that he was destined to tattoo and now takes 150$ per hour.

Brandon Bond:

He is additionally a noted tattoo artist take 200$ per hour.

Stephanie Tamez:

Sixth famous artist Stephanie Tamez takes 200$ per hour.

Kat Von D:

Kat Von D  is an American tattoo artist, mannequin, musician, and TV character and high-quality recognized for her profession as an artist, a tattoo artist on the TLC reality television show LA Ink and took 200$ per hour.

Paul Booth:

This famous artist for tattoo had started his first business at the age of fifteen when he opened a signal store, and taught himself air-brushing, and booth right now is the proprietor and operator of the final Rites Tattoo Theater in New York City and take 300$ for his work per hour

Anil Kumar:

He is the noted tattoo artist and incline his most designated studio to meet tattoo desire of folks take 450$ per hour.

Ami James:

Ami James is a Jewish-born tattoo artist and takes 500$ per hour.

Scott Campbell:

He is a New York-based American artist and tattoo artist whose consumers incorporate Orlando Bloom, Robert Downey, Josh Hartnett, and Marc Jacobs and takes one thousand dollars per hour

Spiritual healing with flowers

Nature has vivid forms of providing us with healing powers and beautiful remedies that takes up all our pain and leaves us relaxed and pain free. One of the incredible forms of healing is none other than beautiful flowers that is filled with different types of properties to promote the physical as well as emotional wellness of the human race. Flower therapy is one of the most trusted and proven methods of healing that has helped many in providing great care without any side effects. The appearance, aroma, color as well as the energy that a flower inhibits not only touch our lives but our souls and that is the reason it is said to have spiritual effects that provides healing using flowers. If you use flower therapy to heal issues, you are actually working with nature and a positive form of energy. It is the way by which our almighty provides us healing gifts through the magic of nature and that is the reason you can have spiritual healing using wonderful flowers around us. There are many flowers that have the ability to display great healing effects including:

1. African Violet: They are just the magnificent for healers as well as physics as they have beautiful cleansing capabilities of old and heavy energy. They show great cleaning properties like homes or offices. They can also clean human body. They are said to alter the lower and dull forms of energy into positive and enthusiastic form, filled with great energy, peace and love.

2. Daisy: These flowers are known to take great care of people as they take all your stress out from your mind and touch your soul. They are incredible at delivering peace and prosperity to your lives and you get to focus what is actually important in your lives. It makes you a better person from within by inhibiting positive energy in you.

3. Dandelion: This yellow flower can take all your anger, bitterness and distrust from you and will make you pure and ambitious in your life. The white dandelion seeds are great working with as they make you achieve your dreams and rise above your low energy and distress.

4. Gardenia: They have excellent powers of taking all the stress and making a person getting rid of all the stress and emotions in life. You can actually play, smile and enjoy in your life using the magic power of this flower.

5. Lilac: It is a beautiful flower that teaches you to calm down and work to battle your fights and stresses of everyday life. This flower is considered best for people fighting with depression and anxiety in regular lives.

6. Orchid: Orchids provide incomparable energy that lifts you higher and higher than you imagine. It makes you believe in yourself and becoming accomplished in your life.

7. Roses: Roses are the personification of love, romance, care and passion in life. It helps in relieving obstacles in your heart and you find your true love when you actually get the powers to attract love in your lives.

Meraki Hair – Fall in love with your hair all over again

meraki hair youtube thumbnail

Hey guys!

I know it’s been a while, and I’m sure you’re wondering where I’ve been!

Well, I’ve been busy working behind the scenes helping some friends start their new online business. Pretty exciting stuff for sure!

Basically, some of my friends in Whitby decided a little while ago that they wanted to start an ecommerce business. For those of you who may not know, an ecommerce business is one that sells products online.

Having been inspired by the achievements of Alex Ikonn (who I previously wrote a post about on my blog) and his wife Mimi, who started an online business selling hair extensions, my friends decided that there was nothing stopping them from doing the exact same thing.

So, after a bit of planning, they decided to launch Meraki Hair – a business that focuses on selling 100% human hair clip-in extensions.

beachy waves collage

Meraki Hair was started not just to sell products and make a lot of money for its owners. It was started as a way to add value first. Value in the form of hair tutorials and guides that women can use to learn how to create beautiful hairstyles that make them feel sexy and confident.

As of right now, the main ecommerce site for Meraki Hair is still under construction. However, you can visit their blog at to see the amazing content they’ve started to create just in the past few weeks for their subscribers.

I hope you guys check them out and, when the time comes, buy their hair extensions. I’ve personally tried their sample and I can say that they were definitely amazing quality, and by far the easiest way to get longer, thicker hair.

Also, be sure to stay tuned for (hopefully) more frequent updates for me.

Until then, ciao friends!

Watch the below video to see Meraki Hair’s latest tutorial video

How Great Hair Leads to Great Health


hairdressing whitby

In my last post I talked about how important personal health was, and in this one I’d like to continue with that theme.


People take their health for granted all the time even though they know better health means looking better and feeling better. Good health enhances every aspect of our lives! Specifically, I know many people that leave their maintenance appointments (i.e. hair, massage, personal training, etc.) for far too long and sometimes ignore them altogether.


In this post I’d like to zero in on hair maintenance: how important it is to get it done frequently (and why), and where I like to go to get my own done.


Many people don’t know how often they should get their hair cut; some of my friends go months without seeing their Whitby hairdresser. You would think that going to a hair salon in Whitby is such a horrible thing by how little they go! How often should you get your hair done?


The answer somewhat depends on the length of hairor if you want Hair extensions . If you have long hair (and you want to keep it long), it’s crucial to get regular haircuts to keep that long hair looking healthy. As with anything that ages, the older the hair gets, the more fragile it becomes. Long hair is thus more susceptible to splits ends, breakage, and sometimes even appearing thinner. If you have your hair coloured or highlights done, then it’s even more likely that there’s some damage. Regular hair cuts will keep your hair strong and healthy, so for long hair it’s recommended that it be done at least every 8 weeks, but for certain hair even every 6 weeks is a good idea.

The same principles basically apply to medium length hair extensions ; if you want to keep it healthy and at the same length then every 6-8 weeks would be a good hair maintenance schedule. For short hair you’ll need a trim more frequently, probably in the 4-6 week range. Again, if you regularly get your hair coloured or highlights put in then you need to make appointments with your hairdresser more regularly! Those chemicals are not good for hair health, so check in at the hair salon more frequently to keep that head of hair in tip top shape!

The most important reason (for me) to see my hairstylist regularly is because I want my hair to be as healthy as the rest of my body. I go to the gym multiple times per week, so why wouldn’t I go to my hairdresser regularly too! The second most important reason is because with a fresh cut, colour, and style I know I look my best.

Do you want to feel and look your best? Go see your hairdresser, and don’t leave it so long next time!

Oh and incase you were wondering where I go to get my hair done, check out The Hair Hive. It’s located in Whitby and I couldn’t rave more about the hairdresser there!

dria hair hive

Building the Body You Need to Live the Lifestyle You Deserve

fitness and running

So, my past few posts have talked a lot about business and its importance when it comes to building your dream lifestyle. And it’s true: money is one of the pillars of success, and running your own business is an excellent way to generate wealth for yourself.

However, financial success is just one of several pillars of success. In fact, as talked about by one of my mentors, Tai Lopez, there are actually four pillars of success: health, wealth, love (family, friends, and your relationships in general), and happiness (the ways you find fulfillment in life).

Today I want to talk a little bit about the first pillar – health. Your personal health is a critical element when it comes to living the lifestyle of your dreams and actually enjoying your life for many years to come. What good will having a lot of money do for you if you can’t go out and enjoy the activities that money can pay for? How can you truly enjoy time with your family and friends if you’re constantly in a state of ill health?

It’s clear then, that personal health is a cornerstone of creating a successful life. As most of us know, the fundamentals of personal health are seemingly simple: eat well and be active.

Unfortunately, in practice, this is much easier said than done. We live in a world that makes it easy to eat food that’s bad for us and hard to get the amount of physical exercise that we need to sustain our health.beach body

That’s why I decided to get a personal trainer. I knew that I needed to start eating better and working out. I’d like to say it was solely motivated by personal health reasons, but at the time, I also just really wanted to look sexy in my bikini.


However, I didn’t want to settle for just any trainer. I’ve been to the local gyms and seen some of the so-called trainers that walk their floors. Not for me, no way. Instead, I knew that I needed to choose from one of top fitness trainers in the Toronto area if I had any chance of getting in shape. At the time I was initially looking for a trainer, I was working in the Toronto area, so I decided to go on Google to search for the best personal trainers in Toronto. That’s when I found, fittingly enough, the website, Best Personal Trainers Toronto.

This site listed some of the best trainers in the Toronto area, who I contacted immediately. However, in the end, I decided to get a trainer in Whitby, which fortunately this site was also able to help me out with.

After finding an amazing personal trainer, my life hasn’t been the same. Before, it was incredibly easy for me to convince myself that an extra hour of sleep was better for me than actually dragging my butt out of bed to go to the gym for an hour. Now that I’m paying for a trainer, I don’t have that luxury anymore, especially since he charges me whether or not I go. However, it’s not even just the money. I know that if I dare to not show my face at a training session without a damn good reason, I’ll be made to pay for my error in judgement at my next training session. That’s what I call motivation.

So, has it been worth it? Well, you’ve seen my most recent profile picture. While I’m not going to be one of those girls that tells you just how pretty I am, I will say this: if I had taken that picture a year ago, I’m not even sure I would fit in the frame. That’s how much of a difference finding a great personal trainer has made in my life.

So if you want to live the good life, you need to look after the first pillar of success, which is personal health. Start now by doing a Google search for the best personal trainers in your area. Not only will they show you what to do if you have no idea about the difference between a dumbbell and a barbell, they’ll also give you all the extra motivation you need to ensure you achieve all of your fitness goals.

Starting Your Very Own Freedom Business

freedom trip bulgaria

As you’ve probably pieced together from my posts up until this point, the foundation that I’m building upon in order to create the lifestyle that I want involves running my own Calgary SEO business. I’ve never been someone who’s wanted to work for someone else for the rest of my life. I’ve always had the deep, burning desire to call my own shots, and in my mind, the only way that I could ever do this is by working for myself as an independent entrepreneur.

However, a few problems arose when I first decided to start my own business. Number one, I didn’t have any formal training on how to start or run my own business. So that was a big issue. The second problem is that even if I was able to start my own business, many entrepreneurs end up being more enslaved by their businesses than people who work regular jobs.

Despite this, I never doubted that being an entrepreneur was my only option. Fortunately, thanks to a friend, I was introduced to something that opened the doors to living the lifestyle of freedom and adventure that I’ve always dreamed about.

Enter the Secret Society Mastermind, a program created by a guy called Timothy Marc. This mastermind touts itself as a program that teaches you how to build a business that funds a lifestyle of freedom, fun and adventure. After reading that headline, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for.

This program, which only opens once a year, and which I was fortunate enough to join earlier in 2014, teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to build a business from the ground up. I touched on creating a laptop business in an earlier post, and essentially, that’s what the Secret Society Mastermind teaches you how to do. All the way from coming up with a product or service to base your business around, naming your business, building your first website for your business, and ultimately closing your first sale, this program walks you step-by-step through everything you need to know to run a successful lifestyle business.

Even better, it teaches you how to outsource the large bulk of the work which solves the problem of spending all of your time working in your business and being as enslaved as you would be at a regular “day job of doom,” as the program labels a typical 9-5 job.

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am right now without this program. While I’m still only at the beginning of my journey to lifestyle, glamour and fame, this program has definitely helped me get started on the right foot, and set me up for a future of success.

Check out their video below to learn more about the program, and hopefully I’ll even see some of you guys inside the program when it opens up to the public again later this year!

Building an Online Presence: A Critical Step on the Path to Lifestyle Design and Fame

While in the past many people dreamed of becoming an astronaut, a firefighter, a singer, or an actor, it seems like the big lofty dream for our current generation is to start a business from your laptop and make money in the comfort of your home (even while you’re still in your pajamas, if possible). However, it also seems that the majority of people who find themselves dabbling in creating a laptop business think that it won’t be long until they’re on the way to getting rich quick and living the four-hour work week.

girl working on her laptop on the beach

While I certainly don’t agree with the idea of a four-hour work week, or with the notion that the Internet is some magical tool that will instantly lead you to riches, I do think that with enough planning, determination, and hard work, it is possible to create a successful, profitable business using the tools available on the Internet.

I want this blog to be more than just something you read for motivation; I want it to be a source of practical advice that you can take and apply right away to start seeing the kind of success that will help you lead the lifestyle that you want. Because of that, in today’s post, I’m going to talk about some of the powerful tools and tactics on the Internet that are available for you to use to enhance your online presence and build a business that will get you started on the path to living your dream lifestyle.

1. A Website

A website is of course a fitting place to start, because your website is the cornerstone of everything else you do online. Whether you want to create a consulting business, an ecommerce, or a blog where you sell informational products, it all starts with your website.

But you may wonder, where do I even start when it comes to creating my own website. Fortunately, there are many options, many of which are relatively inexpensive. One option, and the option that I’ve chosen for my website, is to use WordPress. is the self-professed best place for your personal blog or business site, and apparently 23% of all websites are powered by WordPress. This option gives you flexibility when it comes to design and layout, it’s relatively easy for a novice to get the hang of, and, best of all, it’s completely free.

There are some limitations when it comes to building a site with, including an inability to extensively customize your site, but for someone who is just starting out, it can definitely be a great option.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may sound like a very technically advanced term, but it’s critical to understand if you want to have long-term success with creating and growing your online presence. Basically, SEO involves using both on-page (meaning your website) and off-page (meaning other peoples’ websites) tactics to optimize your website and help it show up higher in the results for search engines like Google or Bing when someone types in a query on their computer or phone.

I’m fortunate enough to have a friend who owns his own local Whitby SEO company, and he gave me some helpful advice when it comes to optimizing your site for the search engines (advice which I have yet to implement on my own site):

  1. For every blog or article that you post, be sure to have one keyword as the focal point for that article. For example, if you have a fitness blog and you want to your article to rank higher in the search engines for “how to lose fat as a 50 year old woman,” you should start with having that term as the title of your article. Then, it’s important that you sprinkle in keywords and images that relate to that topic throughout your post. This helps search engines like Google understand that your article is a relevant result to display for a 50 year old woman who is looking for ways to lose fat thats where search engine optimization comes into play
  2. Getting links from other authority websites is very important, because this shows Google that you’re a credible source of information. Using the fitness blog as an example again, if you write an article for the Women’s Health website and they credit you for your contribution by linking back to your website, this is a huge vote of confidence for your site, and will help make sure that Google ranks your site higher for different search terms.

Edmonton SEO is something that requires a lot of time and effort to really do right, so it’s important that you get started with this right away, as soon as you create your first website.

3. Social Networks

I won’t dive into this topic too much right now, as I’ll try to go into more detail on this in the future, but in brief, taking advantage of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest is a hugely powerful way to build your online presence and drive traffic to your business and your website.

These social networks had a combined user base of 1.4 billion users in 2012, so needless to say, there is a lot of potential to reach your target audience using these networks. Without going into too much detail, social networks like Facebook have powerful tools that let you craft a message and direct it to a very specific, targeted group of users – the ones who are most likely interested in hearing what you have to say. Many businesses have become hugely successful solely through the use of sites like Instagram and YouTube, and so can yours if you leverage them properly.

This article was meant to be a starting point to give you a few quick pointers about actions you can take right now to get started with building your online presence. If this post seemed simple at times, it’s because I didn’t want to get too much into the nitty-gritty. I’ve found from my personal experience that too much knowledge can be a bad thing sometimes. It can be very tempting to try to understand absolutely everything about a subject before you actually take action, so I’ve purposely given you only the bare necessities that you need to know to start taking action.

With that said, go out there and create a website using, optimize it for search engines like Google using the simple tactics I’ve listed above, and create your first social media profiles for your business. This will give you a huge jump start when it comes to building your online presence and getting started on the path to lifestyle design and fame.